What is a supporter?

A Supporter is someone who acts as a friend of the Benson Millstream Centre. They are every-day people who Volunteer, become Trustees or make regular/annual donations. Supporting us in any way can to really make a difference to our Customers lives, even if it’s simply through  attending one of the many events we run to raise funds.

Our NEW campaign, Benson Millstream Centre Supporters (BMCS), gives you the opportunity to become a member of BMCS by making an annual donation helping us ensure that we continue to offer our best services to our Customers. Take a look in more detail at what being a BMCS member could mean for you.

What is the Benson Millstream Centre Supporters (BMCS)?


The Benson Millstream Centre Supporters (BMCS) officially launched in April 2024. To become a member, simply fill out the application form and commit to a donation of your choice. We offer both annual options, as well as a one-time lifetime membership. Donations can be made via Direct Debit and can be gift-aided at no extra cost to you, helping to grow the Centre’s charitable funds.

In return, members will receive early notification of all events and fundraisers, as well as a quarterly newsletter keeping them informed about Benson Millstream Centre activities.

Of course we have Supporters who volunteer of their time and commitment and other donations to the centre and this can never be replaced by BMCS alone.

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Membership Options


Membership options include Personal ( £10.00 per annum), Business ( £25.00 per annum), and Lifetime (£250.00). These are the minimum suggested donations, but we still of course encourage, and are delighted to accept any other donations. Members enjoy early event notifications and regular newsletters, and the first 100 sign-ups will receive a founder member certificate.

Gift aid will also be redeemable , should you so choose.

*The 400 club will run alongside BMCS and is not affected by becoming a BMCS. member.  Other donations are also always welcome, from those who prefer not to join our membership. If you need any more information, please get in touch or read our leaflet. we are always here to answer questions or help with queries.


Please click on the link to become a supporter – thanks in advance.

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Fundraising at Benson Millstream Centre

Like many charities we struggle to obtain the funds that we need to provide all the services that we would like to promote and must rely on donations, requested grants and fundraising.

To maintain focus in these areas – our amazing Volunteers have worked hard to create a small fundraising group who meet in their own time on a regular basis to plan events across the year. We very much need the ongoing support of our customers/their families/community supporters and local businesses to sustain not just the basics but also to ensure that we make peoples’ lives a little bit better every day through centre events/treats and things to look forward to.

Get involved

If you would like to get more involved, become a Trustee, Volunteer  or help with running events or fundraising, please drop us an email using the get in touch details on the website.

Our events will be publicised on a quarterly basis, and we hope to see growing support both through our Benson Millstream Centre Supporters and our wonderful local communities.

Keep an eye out for what’s coming next in our quarterly newsletters. Thanks for helping in any way you can.

We are a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation no. 1163000.

Registered as Millstream Day Centre, trading as Benson Millstream Centre.