Sue Clayton

A bit about me…. the boring stuff

I had a suburban childhood and then went to agricultural college to master the art of milking cows. I then spent a year working in London before 8 years working in agricultural management consultancy. Following that I went into full time farming and child rearing. Once most of the child rearing was completed I felt I should not waste the various skills that gained through all my diverse ventures and I discovered Adult Family Placement which is now known as the Shared Lives Scheme. This has involved supporting adults with additional needs in my home and I have done this for 30 years. 


Key skills 

Handing all the different challenges presented by the service users I support along with the agencies and individuals that are involved with social care. Patience is a skill I am still honing!


More about me the important stuff

I moved to Berrick Salome in 1959 and have seen the growth and development of Benson and the surrounding area since that time. I have been involved in many local activities during the 60+ years I have lived here (including the original fundraising for the Millstream Centre in the 1980s). I have 4 children all of whom were all locally educated, 7 grandchildren (including triplets!) and two large beautiful dogs.


At millstream what will I bring

60 years of local knowledge and experience and clear opinions on the stuff that matters.